SimAirport Wiki

The Build tool, short for Buildings & Terrain, allows players to construct foundations and walls for their airport, which later allows for the building of zones which can only be built indoors.

The build menu is split into two sections: floors, tools, and roads. The floors section contains a list of floor tiles which can be built indoors to increase passenger satisfaction and movement speeds. The tools section contains necessary building tools for the airport, such as foundations and walls. The roads section contains roads and taxiways.


The floors section of the build tool contains a selection of floors which can be built inside the airport. Floors cannot be placed outdoors, and cannot be placed on top of pending construction projects. Having floors around an airport will increase passenger satisfaction levels, particularly the environment need.

Different variations of floors include: carpet, stone, wood, and simply generic floor.


The tools section of the build tools contains all necessary tools to build the foundations for an airport, as it allows players to construct "indoor zones" which are required by some zones and objects.


The roads section contains all objects necessary for traffic (both ground and air) to navigate the airport - containing both roads and taxiways.

Additional Tools[]

The build menu also contains three other tools: area sell, clear, and demolish.

Area sell will sell any supply objects that are within the area selected by the player. This includes dismantled objects, and objects sat in delivery zones.

Clear will remove any objects and walls that are within the area selected by the player. This tool will not remove any flooring that has been placed.

Demolish will remove any walls and floors, stripping them down to grass. It is important to note that the game will not allow you to use the demolish tool if you are selecting the first coordinates of the demolish zone in an indoor area. If you want to demolish an indoor area, you must first start by dragging the demolish tool from an outdoor area, or use the clear tool.

Changes & Updates[]

  • Following an undocumented update in the experimental patch released 7 June 2017, the build menu became sortable by floors, tools, and roads, rather than simply floors and tools. This update also removed the fence object from the tools category, leaving it uncategorised alongside the window object.
    • In a patch released on 7 June 2017, the window object became categorised as a tool, however the fence object was still uncategorised.