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Game Modes are different variations of gameplay. SimAirport currently contains 2 game modes:

  • Career Mode; and
  • Sandbox Mode


Career Mode[]

Career Mode is the original and default game mode. You start with either $200,000 or $1,000,000, depending on your game creation menu decisions, and cannot have a balance under $0 without being in-debt and unable to purchase items. This, of course, excludes the current glitch which allows baggage carousels to be placed even after surpassing $0 and being in-dept.

Sandbox Mode[]

Sandbox Mode is the second game mode. It inherits all of the characteristics of the above Career Mode except it allows the player to surpass $0 and have practically unlimited money. This, despite this being (harder but) possible, is an attempt to make the creation of large airports easier. The airports are not designed to be business-worthy (profitable in the development process and presumably, when operating and finished).