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An object is an item which can be purchased and physically placed into an empty space in the game.

Objects can be rotated by using either the R Key, or by pressing the Middle Mouse Button down.

Objects are usually placed inside zones, and are most commonly purchased in order to meet a zone's requirements; such as a restroom zone requiring a toilet and a sink. Objects that are not required by a zone are still able to be placed there (with exception to the object's requirements (ie. being indoors only)), and may sometimes be used by passengers or staff.

Construction & Deconstruction[]

Once purchased, a 'ghost' of the object will be placed in the position that the item was bought. If the player already has the materials required to build the object in their storage zone, they will not be charged and workmen will begin to assemble the object. If materials are needed, the player will be charged the appropriate amount for the materials and they will be delivered to the player's deliveries zone.

If an object is no longer needed, it can be dismantled. To dismantle an object, click on it and select the dismantle option. Once an object is dismantled, it will be replaced with the sprite of a supplies box and a workman will carry the item to the storage zone. This means that the object can be built again without needing to purchase the required materials again.

To sell a dismantled object, click on its supplies box and press the sell button. The object will instantly disappear and the money will be given. Objects cannot be sold whilst a workman is carrying the supplies box.

Staff Objects[]

Some objects also include unhireable staff members; these staff exist in the game but cannot be hired from the Staff menu. After the successful construction of of a bar or any type of kiosk (excluding the ticketing kiosk), two staff members will appear inside the area.

If one of these objects is dismantled, the staff are automatically fired. Unlike ordinary staff members, staff hired with the purchase of an object cannot be fired by left clicking on them.


Objects can be sorted by their category, or by searching in the search bar at the bottom of the menu.

There are six categories for objects: decor, retail, structures, ops, seating, and comfort. These categories will only display objects which match the tag, although objects can appear in more than one category (such as the bench appearing in both seating and comfort). To deselect a category, select the all category.

In the text search field at the bottom, objects can be filtered by name. When a string is entered into the search field, objects that contain that string of letters (case insensitive) in their name will be displayed. This does not consider object descriptions. To stop filtering by search, either delete the entire search string or press the clear button.

Changes & Updates[]

  • Following an undocumented update in the experimental patch released 7 June 2017, the objects menu became sortable by decor, retail, structures, ops, seating, and comfort, rather than simply indoors and outdoors.