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Passengers are entities in the game that are spawned at random to use the player's built airport when a flight is scheduled.


Passengers as of yet are not individually named (at random), which means that they arrive at the players airport with a set of 2 parameters:

  • Flight
  • Cabin Class

As of yet only these 2 parameters are used. The flight parameter is used to determine which gate to board from and the cabin class parameter is used to determine which queue to enter in cabin class-specific queues.


Every passenger has its own set of needs, which contributes to the overall Passenger Satisfaction level, which, in turn, contributes to the Airline Interest rating, as some airlines care about the overall Passenger Satisfaction level. Some of these needs are Hunger, Rest, etc.

Main Article: Needs


  • Passengers arrive in personal cars and buses but can only leave in buses as the functionality of being picked-up in a personal car has not yet been implemented into the game.


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