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Patches were introduced on 7 March 2017, along with the Steam release of the game. They are posted in the News section of the game's Community Hub page on Steam, and contain information regarding recent updates; such as bug fixes, graphical improvements, and new features.

Before patches are released to the main build, smaller patches without release notes are published to the experimental build of the game. After a substantial change to the experimental version is reached, patch notes for all minor updates are released at the same time. After the experimental version is deemed stable enough, the main game is updated. The developers usually release updates for the game every few days.

On 15 June 2017, the edge branch of patches was added. The concept behind this new branch is to allow "larger-scale changes [to have] their own branch for preliminary testing and feedback prior to moving them over to the Experimental branch"[1]

List of Patches[]




See also: Edge



See also: Experimental


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