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Planning was released with the 1 April 2017 patch. The tool allows players to plan zones, objects, and other areas in the game without spending money and without their workmen performing any actions.


To use the planning tool, players can select one of three main options: clear, taxiway, or any other colour. Once selected, the player can drag a section (or individual tile) where they would like to select.

If the tool is not the clear tool, then a temporary zone will be built to the dimensions of the player's drag. This is with an exception to the taxiway, which always builds a 10x10 square (to match the taxiway object's dimensions). If the tool is the clear tool, then any highlighted planning zones will be removed. The clear tool does not affect zones created from the zones menu.


The original UI button for the planning tool.

  • The icon for the planning tool was the first, and is currently the only, UI element to have its sprite changed since the launch of the game.
  • Planning tool items do not have any tooltip titles or descriptions, meaning that an empty black box will show when hovering over an item.
  • Despite the taxiway tool forcing players to build 10x10, the clear tool can still be used to reduce the size of the taxiway to any other size.