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Queues are assignable objects which hold passengers. An assignable object is something which can be connected to a ticketing desk or gate agent desk, for example. Once it is assigned to another object, passengers will wait within the queue until the assigned object is available. Queues can be paired to multiple objects and other objects can be paired to multiple queues. A queue can be assigned to all passengers or only first class or coach class passengers.


Placing a queue[]

To place a queue in your airport, click the "Create Queue" button in the queues sub-menu. Then, click and drag from the start (front) of the queue and drag the queue out (without letting go) to the end (back) of the queue.

Assigning a queue[]

To assign a queue to another object, click on the other object and then click "Assign To". Then, click the "Assign" button, situated above the start of the queue's location. On this menu, you can assign the queue to a specific passengers class, or all passengers.


  • Queues do not cost anything to purchase or build.
    • This is with the exception of the workman's salary.
  • The patch released on 19 April 2017 improved the queue graphics. This means that the queue was the first buildable item in the game to have an updated/modified sprite.

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