SimAirport Wiki

The Reports dialogue provides an overview of airport logistics, passenger needs, and airline desires. Reports can be accessed by clicking on the reports button towards the lower left hand corner of the user interface.

Before some reports are available, related research must be completed. For all reports to become available, the player requires to hire both a COO and CFO staff member, both with functioning offices. This means that the player must have completed research in Operations and Finance.


Secure Areas

Secure Areas[]

Overlays all map areas with either a green or red overlay. This overlay indicates whether a particular area in the airport is secure (behind a security zone) or not. If an area is secure, it will have a green overlay. Otherwise, the area is considered insecure and will have a red overlay.

Environment Heatmap

Environment Heatmap[]

Visualises the effect that foliage, decorations, and insanitary objects have on passengers. Each object placed has a small radius surrounding it, in which its positive environmental effect will be reduced as the radius expands further away from the source.

Information Heatmap

Information Heatmap[]

Visualises the effect that knowledge-emitting objects have on passengers, such as the Flight Info Display object. Each object placed has a small radius surrounding it, in which its information effect will be reduced as the radius expands further away from the source.



Breaks down all zones to have more distinguishable colours, renaming them to be {Zone Name} Sector, or just Sector if a particular area does not have a zone.

The information on each sector details whether it is indoors (built on a foundation) or not, whether or not the zone is secure, how many security zones are protecting it, and how many tiles it consists of.

Transit Capacity

Transit Capacity[]

Requires a COO with an office

Displays a breakdown of how many passengers are able to get to and leave the airport on a per time-frame basis.

Typically, this graph tends to correlate with flights which are scheduled to land at the airport, as passengers will be travelling both to and from the airport to continue their journeys. The graph will be higher depending on the scheduled plane's capacity, as well as how many flights are scheduled at the same time.

The green line indicates an estimate for the transport capacity supported by the airport, whilst the white line indicates the peak demand for transit.

Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss[]

Requires a CFO with an office

Financial profit and loss reports give historic perspectives on where money is coming from and where it is going in the airport. The menu displays an overview of all incomes and expenses on a specific day, and the day can be changed by selecting the drop-down button on the top right corner of the modal.

The bottom of the modal displays the total profit/loss of the selected day.

Daily Cashflow

Daily Cashflow[]

Requires a CFO with an office

Displays a graph of all income and expenses on a daily basis, up to the last 30 days.

Red dots represent expenses; any money that was spent by the airport on a specific day. Green dots represent income; any money that was taken (earned) by the airport on a specific day. If a green dot is higher than a red dot for a day, it means that the airport made a profit on that particular day. If it is the opposite, the airport made a loss (which can be checked in the Profit & Loss interface).


  • Prior to an experimental patch released 12 June 2017, the Daily Cashflow graph did not work. The graph would also display every single day that had passed in an airport, rather than the past 30 days (meaning that some graphs would be very squashed together if more than 60 days had passed).