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Research is a functionality in the game which allows the player's administration staff to spend an allotted amount of time researching a topic. After research is complete, the player will unlock additional benefits in the game.

Research Tool[]

The research tool can be accessed from the button located in the top left corner of the user interface. Once opened, the player can view a list of all research options. The list cannot be filtered or sorted, and contains all research options, including research which is: available, in-progress, locked, and completed.

Hovering over a research will display a tooltip of information related to the research; including details about what it unlocks, its requirements, and any pre-requisites it requires. Note that certain research cannot be completed unless specific administrative staff have offices.


Name Description Cost Unlock Time Unlocks Prerequisite(s)
Bank Loans Allows you to obtain bank loans. $6,000 18 Hours
Bank Loans II Allows you to borrow up to $500k at once. $19,000 34.67 Hours
  • Finance
  • Bank Loans
  • CFO
Finance Allows you to hire a CFO.

The CFO allows you to conduct additional research and unlock various finance-related utilities such as advanced reports, bank loans, lower taxes, and improved profit margins.
$6,000 10 Hours
Multi-Lane Access Changes your airport entrance and exit to be 2-lane roads for higher throughput. $11,000 36 Hours
  • 2-lane entrance/exit roads
  • Road Building
  • Operations
  • COO
Light Rail Transit Allows placing an LRT Platform on the map.

Light rail reduces traffic congestion by offering passengers a convenient way to arrive and depart from your airport.
$50,000 12 Hours
  • LRT Platform
Lower Interest Rates Drops your interest rate down to 6% on bank loans. $14,500 34.67 Hours
  • Decreased interest rate
  • Finance
  • Bank Loans
  • CFO
Operations Ability to hire a COO (Chief Operations Officer). $6,000 10 Hours
Operations II Allows management of bus, garbage, retail, and light rail services via the Operations Control Panel $30,000 24 Hours
  • Operations
  • Operations Control Panel
Land Expansion Allows the purchase of additional map parcels. $90,000 24 Hours
  • Ability to purchase additional map parcels
  • Finance
  • Operations
Pricing Allows you to change airport usage pricing policies. $9,000 20 Hours
  • Pricing
Road Building Ability to build and demolish roads. $16,000 24 Hours
  • Ability to build and demolish roads
Standby Gates Ability to to designate standby gates.

Standby gates can be used to improve airport operations by reducing the number of cancelled or delayed flights.
$15,000 12 Hours
  • Standby Gates
Upgraded Buses Schedules an extra double-decker bus every 30 minutes. $30,000 24 Hours
  • An extra double-decker bus every 30 minutes
  • Road Building
  • Operations
  • COO


  • Bank Loans II and Lower Interest Rates are the only research items that require non-integer hours (34.67 hours) in order to complete their research.

Changes & Additions[]

  • 10 June 2017 - Added Operations II research
  • 2 June 2017 - Added Land Expansion research
  • 30 May 2017 - Added Light Rail Transit research
  • 26 May 2017 - Added Standby Gates research
  • 13 May 2017 - Added Bank Loans II and Lower Interest Rate research