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About the Game  •  How to Play
What is SimAirport all about?

SimAirport is a tycoon‐style simulation game that challenges you to design, build, and manage the operations of your very own airport. Airports have many moving parts, and each system is constantly interacting with others ‐ it takes more than you may imagine to get passengers from Point A to Point B.

How does the game work?
  • Unlimited Possibilities: You have 100%, full & complete control
  • Deep Simulation: Everything is individually simulated, from check-in to departure
  • Realistic Fun: As realistic as possible ‐ yet addictively fun
  • Terminal to Tarmac ‐ YOU ARE THE BOSS!
But Wait! There's more!
  • Systems Based Gameplay: Everything has a purpose in SimAirport; nothing is purely aesthetic. Increase passenger happiness, add queues to speed up security, and assign extra desks to board the big jets! Everything you do counts in the challenging gameplay that is SimAirport.
  • Top Notch Simulation: Our team has knocked it out of the park. Each and every detail; individualized passenger desires, underground baggage systems, customizeable schedules, and even the contents of the dumpsters! Nothing has been overlooked.
  • Beautiful Graphics ‐ by Alice Bessoni: Sporting a top‐down, 2D‐perspective, you are able to appreciate every little detail ‐ whether you play from a bird's eye view, or zoomed in to the max.
  • Steam Early Access ‐ You Can Play Today! You can pick up SimAirport and start build your airport right now! By joining early, you will be able to engage directly with the developers who are actively participate daily in the discussion and who listen and act on your feedback. Check out SimAirport on Steam!
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We are currently maintaining 550 pages (151 articles)!
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