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There are currently 26 obtainable achievements in SimAirport.


These are the following achievements in SimAirport.

There are currently 26 achievements in the game.

Icon Name Description
Ach flightsLanded.jpg 1000 Flights Landed Total Flights landed at all of your airports.
Back to School Started one of the tutorials.
Basic Tutorial Completed The Basic Tutorial
Expansion Tutorial Completed The Expansion Tutorial
Luggage Tutorial Completed The Luggage Tutorial
PA Speakers & Fuel Tutorial Completed The PA Speakers & Fuel Tutorial
Scheduling Workers Tutorial Completed The
Food and Shopping Tutorial Completed The Food and Shopping Tutorial
Mega Rich Earned $10,000,000!
Many Pax Tons of passengers in the Airport
Oligarchy Make $1,250,000 in profit selling fuel.
Scientific Method Unlock all technology in the research tree.
I want every light you can get Purchase runway lights for any runway.
A* No passenger missed their flight in a 24-hour period where at least 200 passengers were boarded.
The Open Road Have 5,000 tiles of road.
Good luck, we're all counting on you Have an airplane land in extreme (20 knots or higher) weather.
Local Airport Board 2,500 passengers in a 24-hour period.
Regional Airport Board 6.000 passengers in a 24-hour period.
National Airport Board 8,000 passengers ina 24-hour period.
International Airport Board 10,000 passengers in a 24-hour period.
Sellout Sell your airport for a minimum of $25,000,000.
Environmentally Friendly Have a passenger-environment rating of 85% in an airport serving at least 200 passengers.
Accomplished Win a scenario.
Beginner Operator Have one day of perfect operations.
Overloaded Operator Have thirty consecutive days of perfect operations.