SimAirport Wiki

The Steam Workshop allows players to contribute to, download, and upload created content to share with other players of SimAirport.

World Saves[]

Share a Save with the Community[]

  1. While in-game, load the save game you want to share
  2. Press ESC or click the 'Menu' button, top left
  3. Choose the "Airport Sharing" button
  4. Click on the "Publish..." button
  5. Enter a Title and, optionally, a description (can edit later from web UI)
  6. Click 'Save and Publish'
  7. Note: If asked to accept the Steam Workshop ToS, you MUST click through and do so before your map will be visible to the public.

Play Saves that Other Players Created[]

  1. While in-game, or before starting the game, open the Steam Client or the Steam Web UI
  2. Navigate to the SimAirport Workshop (linked above)
  3. Browse the maps submitted by the community; when you find one that you like simply click the "+" button to 'Subscribe' to the map
  4. After subscribing to one or more maps, open SimAirport or return to the SimAirport app
  5. Open the 'Airport Sharing' menu
  6. Click any game you would like to play; you will see the preview and title/description and below that simply click "Play Now" to begin playing it immediately!
  7. To save your own progress simply save as you would normally

Update a Save that You've Already Shared[]

  1. While in-game, load the save game you want to share -- you can do this by loading the save the normal way, or via the 'Airport Sharing' menu and clicking "Play Now" on the shared game
  2. If you want to update the shared version simply open the Airport Sharing menu again; the save you shared should be in bold. Select it.
  3. Now click the 'Publish Update' button!

Edit the Title or Description, or to Delete a Shared File[]

  1. Use the Steam Client or Steam web UI and navigate to the SimAirport Workshop (linked above)
  2. Find the item and make any changes you wish to make!


  • Steam Workshop integration was first introduced alongside 11 May's experimental patch.
  • Steam Workshop support was officially first released on 20 May.