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The Video Settings user interface menu allows players to control hardware-based factors which can improve how the game runs on their computer. The menu can be found by pausing the game and clicking on Video Settings.

List of Video Settings[]

The preferences menu is split over two pages, and contains settings that allow the user to fine-tune their gameplay.

Preference Name Description
Weather / Rain Visual Effect Toggles whether weather effects will show in the game.
Resolution Changes the resolution of the game.
Your device's resolution can be found on a website such as
Quality Changes the quality of the game's textures and sprites. Lower quality (fastest) allows the game to run quicker, however it will impact how the game looks. Vice versa, higher qualities (fantastic) will make the game look better, but will impact performance - especially on lower-end computers or laptops.
Full Screen Mode Toggles whether or not the game should run in full-screen mode.
UI Scale Modifies the scale of the user interface.