SimAirport Wiki

A Zone is a region in the airport which is specialised to performing specific tasks; usually to help passengers board planes or to reduce their needs. There are currently 13 zones in the game, excluding zones that can be created from the planning tool.


To convert an empty space into a zone, select the desired zone from the zones menu in the user interface and then left click and drag from the first corner that you would like your zone to begin from. Once you are happy with the size of a zone, release the left mouse button and the zone will be created.

Whilst zones initially start off square or rectangular in shape, they can be re-shaped by using the None tool to remove unwanted parts of a zone. Similarly, identical zones that are built next to each other (with no gaps) will be merged into one zone.

Claiming Rooms[]

Some zones, such as offices, will change their name depending on what member of administrative staff is assigned to the room.


Some zones do not function immediately after being constructed, as they may have requirements before they can be used. Before building a zone, the tooltip for that zone will indicate any requirements the room may have.

If a constructed zone does not meet the requirements, the colour of the zone name will become red and warning symbols will appear over the zone. Mousing over the zone will display all unmet requirements and will explain how they can be met.


It does not cost anything to build a zone. However, some zones have requirements for objects, which do cost money. Similarly, some zones are required to be built indoors - which means that hidden costs of foundations, walls, and floors may have to be paid.

List of Zones[]

Zone Name Description Minimum Size Minimum Requirements
Baggage Claim An area for passengers to pick up their checked baggage.
  • Non-Secure Area
Cafe This zone allows you to set up a retail space such as a Shopping Area or Food Service Area.
Passengers are happier when they're spending money, and so are you!
  • Cash Register
Deliveries This is where your supplies will be delivered to.

Includes all construction supplies, retail inventory, and any other deliveries. Larger zones can store more supplies, and you can use Supply Shelves to further increase the zone efficiency.
  • 1 Zone Maximum
Dropoffs This is where your passengers will be dropped off at.
  • 3 Zone Maximum
Female Restroom Passengers won't be very happy if they don't have easy access to restrooms. You'll use this zone to define the restrooms for your passengers to use.
Garbage Janitors will take all of your airport's garbage here. The garbage truck will also come here to pick up & haul it off.

A larger zone accommodates more garbage, and zone efficiency can be increased by placing Dumpsters in the zone.
  • 1 Zone Maximum
Kitchen All food served in your restaurants, cafes, and bars will need to be prepared & cooked in a kitchen.
  • Enclosed
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Cooker
  • Prep Cart
  • Refrigerator
  • Pizza Oven
Male Restroom Passengers won't be very happy if they don't have easy access to restrooms. You'll use this zone to define the restrooms for your passengers to use.
Office This zone allows your Administrators & Executives to have their own offices. The execs require offices to be able to do their work and conduct research.
  • Enclosed
  • Office Desk
  • Office Chair
Pickups This is where arriving passengers will go to get picked up so that they can leave your airport (and get on with their vacation!).
  • 3 Zone Maximum
Security Security zones allow you to scrutinize your passengers and keep your airport safe and secure which your passengers will appreciate. And occasionally you can even give them a little extra "pat down".
Storage This is where leftover supply boxes will be stored. 5x5
  • 1 Zone Maximum
Ticketing The ticketing zone is where passengers will go to print out their boarding passes & check any large luggage that they have.

One checked bag for free?! Not here.